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i have a website, and after a year on AOL, i think i'm begining to run out of room. so i want to move to a new place that'll host my site for free, or a small non-monthly (as in annual) fee. i don't really have any web authoring programs, but i can get dreamweaver, and i was just going to copy the source code from my old website and apply that to the new page. so if anyone knows of a cheap/free host, a good program to contiune creating my page with, and an easy way to move the site to a new home, that'd be great.


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i do not have the pages saved locally, they're all on the aol servers. i suppose i need to visit each page on the site and save the html code, but that shouldn't be hard.


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Well that going to be your easiest option to get all your files back and moved onto a new host.

Get an FTP client (30-day trial or something will do for now, try
FTP into your AOL webspace
Grab all the files to your Hard Disk
FTP into the new host
transfer files from HD to the new space....


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Posted by Hipster Doofus
What sort of conditions do brinkster have? Is it pop ups or advertising? Something else?
I'm not aware of any limitations, but I'm not using brinkster that much (yet) I still have an account with which is also free but requires a $1 address verification. Not as much space as brinkster (only 15 or so mb) but it does have a nice web gui interface and there are no limitations other than size. I'll start using my brinkster account when finite is full.


i use brinkster.
no adverts or popups but you cant use ftp if are a general(free)member, you have to use their file upload thingy.


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ok, i got all the html files from my aol page saved to my HD. then i uploaded them all to, but when i go to the page, nothing is there, if i go to say here, the page shows up and works perfectly, but i can't access the main page (index.html) is there something i've done wrong?

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