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Best Web Editing Program that isn't Dreamweaver or Frontpage?


Quazatron R6 droid
Hi All :)

Since I have decided I want to brush up on my general web skills again (My job has been leaning and improving my tech support skills) I was wondering if anyone knows of any good web coding software.

Ideally I would buy Dreamweaver as its the best, but I don't have that kind money, so does anyone know of any cheaper, or even free alternatives? It would be nice if it was like dreamweaver (support for most new web codes + WISYWIG and templates) but I would be happy to use a set of tools but not plain RAW coding, although I know that is completely free in notepad. I also don't mind paying a bit, if I could get a return on the investment eventually.

So does anyone have any ideas?


How much do you want to spend (£'s)?
Web Serif from Argos is about £50 that's o.k. Comes with other software for building 3d maps and shapes/words and also a paint type application. Also it contains a voucher which when you register via net or phone they send you 2 or 3 more disks containg other web design software and plugins.


Quazatron R6 droid
£50 is defintely acceptable Lee - £300ish for Dreamweaver isn't otherwise I wouldn't even ask :) Thanks for your help.

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