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best web based email?

i am looking for the best web based email. I know that is an open-ended question but, I am currently using www.junglemate.com , a free service which is going to a pay service. It has alot of nice features like NO POPUPS, import/export addy book, calendar, files, tasks, etc etc.

I am looking for something comparable that is free. If I end up paying for something, I will get http://www.norada.com/save/ (see live demo) a brother company of the junglemate company.

Thanks for any inputs!



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I use both yahoo and hotmail, and while they're both great, Yahoo consistantly does a better job at detecting spam and junking it. They also have a larger inbox size, I think.

Me. My two cents.



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What are yahoo's incoming/outgoing mail servers? wth do they always make these things so hard to find.... I just want to connect OE to yahoo...


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I've used yahoopops for a long time, works great. Just configure your email client like you would for any other email acount, but put 'localhost' for the incoming mail server.

I also agree, yahoo does an excellent job of SPAM blocking IMHO


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I use myway.com and I haven't had a problem with it ever...6mb file storage and never had a junk/spam in my inbox ever...take a look no advertising either...


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Umm guys... yahoo has pop3 and smtp server.. it's free too.. all you have to do is 'subscribe' to those one of those junk emails.. get the info.. then block the junk ones.. it works for my mom, should work you guys ;)


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Jestermask said:
[...] Yahoo consistantly does a better job at detecting spam and junking it.[...]

I use both Hotmail (mainly) and Yahoo. Yahoo better than Hotmail at spam blocking ? :eek:
I don't get any spam on my Hotmail account because I use the best filter ever, "block messages from people not in my contacts list" along with junkmail handling (delete them at once). I feel real confidant with this.

But that's true, Yahoo has a larger Inbox than Hotmail... but I've backed up all of my Hotmail messages since 1999 thanx to Outlook Express ;)
must say yahoo mail. Been using it for about 6 years now and still on the origianal account. I don't get much spam and the attachment size limit is larger than most.


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hotmail is the clear choice and one of the most popular. although their is a way to stay clear from span all together. it costs a little bit ov a ne time payment and takes a bit longer to setup but it works out better.

1.buy a domain
2.set a server up on your computer or get a free one somewere that has webmail.
3.assign your domain to it by changing name servers
4.setup an email using your domain

this way non of the stupid bots or anyhting can send u email coz they dont no it exists, but where as some spam bots just send mail to anything with @hotmail.com on the end which givs u alot of spam

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