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Best Way to Sync a Folder using WebDAV


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There is a remote folder on a iDisk share that I want to sync with a local server running Windows Server 2003. I want it scheduled and automated with as little user interaction as possible (none!). I have been toying with a few ideas, and think the best way to go about this would be to try and access the iDisk share from the Windows box through the WebDAV protocol, then sync that connection with a local Windows folder.

I have thought about loading IIS, but from past experiences and best practices, it's not always good to have the DC, File Share and IIS server be the same resource which I will be doing if I go that path.

I thought about using a WebDAV client, but it's a little foggy at first with trying to connect. Looking over the documentation (attached), it looks like I would use this URL for authentication:

Any suggestions on this? Am I making this more complicated than it needs to be? The end result is just to have that iDisk sync to the server which would be the backup function of that iDisk.



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Explorer.exe speaks webdav IIRC. Should be able to just plug the WebDav enabled URL into it.

Otherwise in Networking, you can add a new drive, and you can add FTP and WebDav that way.


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I did see that I can use the My Network Places which uses Explorer to create a "Network Place" for the WebDAV URL - hadn't tried to map a drive with it yet though.

I'll give it a whirl later on and post back, thanks.


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Har, still looking at this and found on Google :D

X - I can get to it via Windows Explorer, but how would I be able to set this up so I can sync whatever is at the WebDAV location to a local folder on the server via an automated task of some sort?


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Enable offline? It will sync when it comes into contact with the network resource. But i find that annoying.

There are sync toys out there. But X probably knows more about that.


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That's the thing though, and I could be doing something wrong but I can't seem to map it as a network drive? Keeps rejecting my login info, hrmph!

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