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Best way to make puter shutdown at predetermined time???


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I need to be able to specify the computer to automatically shutdown at a pre-determined time.

This is what I have tried already, but it did not work (or I did something wrong--do not know which.
Created a shortcut points to shutdown.exe
added to my scheduled tasks folder and told it to execute the above shortcut at a specific time/date.
nothing happens at the appointed time.

(also if I just type in run shutdown.exe I get a flicker of the black command box (the command starts) but then the box blinks off and the puter does nothing further.

Any suggestions?? (Is there a better way to specify a shutdown time and have the computer close and shutoff???

Thanks for any help.


Or you could set the power options, to hibernate or standby after a set time.

I did that the other day actually, I wanted to record a radio broadcast, so i hooked my hifi into my PC.

I setup Cyberecorder2000, which you can timeer set to record ANY source, set it to line in and a time.

Timer set my hifi to come on, and then set my PC to shutdown afew mins after the end of the broadcast.

It worked perfectly, shutting itself down afterwards. The only thing I had to leave PC on in 1st place. My M/b bios has options for timer stuff, but I cant suss that out for switching the PC on.

Mr Dead

Ive tries a few shortcuts for system shutdown, strange thing is they used to work but after a format and re-install the computer just hung at the "now safe to turn off computer" screen. Found this shortcut that does the job, dont know if installing sp1 had anything to do with it but here you go -

C:\WINDOWS\system32\shutdown.exe -s -t 00

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