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Best way to get accurate cpu temps?



My Epox 8rda+ is running a Barton 2500+ at stock speeds.

When I booted up Hardware Monitor (program I downloaded) would report CPU temps at around 29C and regular running temps of around 36C and load temps of around 39C. My case temp would usually be reported as something slightly lower than the CPU temp (at least after first startup).

I tried overclocking my system the otherday, set the multiplier to 12.5x166 to get 2800+ speed. Everything ran fine, but the temps reported were the same as when I was running at stock, that just didn't seemright.

Anyhow, I was just wondering if there is any way to get accurate temps for my system. I know my board doesn't use the thermistor on the actual chip to get readings, is my only option to guy but come temp probes and a display?



forgot to mention I'm running a Vantec Aeroflow for cooling and also have one Zalman 80mm fan going in addition to my antec 300w ps.

And after i ran overclocked for a good while, my system randomly rebooted.

which is actually is still doing every now and then even though I'm back to stock and tempa are all in the 30s


Boogie Nights...!
Lick it.....then, depending on how long it takes for the swelling to go down, thats your temp.

As a rule i use 2degrees per five minutes of swelling.
Originally posted by sboulema
hahahahahahahahhahaha :D
its and amd so you could also try to boil water on it and see how long that will take :p
If it takes less than "forever" you're running waaay to hot (and probably fried the chip too!). :D

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