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Best way to clean off old thermal paste?



I want to clean off the stock thermal paste that came with my heatsink, ti4200 hs/fan, and 8rda+ heatsink and replace all of them with some Arctic Silver 3 I got.

Anyhow, I was just wondering what the best way to cleanly and safely remove all the old paste so I can get a good coat of the new stuff on?

Any advice is appreciated.

91% Isopropyl Alcohol will do the trick. Use a lint free 100% cotton cloth. Also, use your Arctic Silver sparingly. Too much will counter effect the effectiveness of Arctic Silver and all other thermal compounds for that matter. Do not use any cleaners with a patrolium base for they will leave a resedue.


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i did the same on mine and a friends, in both cases it took the print off the GF4 die LOL. i aint tellin him either :|


Get a big hammer, a very sharp chisel and make sure you have the point of the chisel at exactly an 85 degreee angle and lined up with the leading edge of the old paste. Now, hit the chisel as hard as you can!!!


SnookBooger got it right on!!! ;)


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no ones ever tried to just lick it off ?

I am sure it works... just make sure you have a pet dog with a very voracious appetite and a strong stomach and the local vet's number handy in case of accident :)

/me goes to hire lawyer to fend off PETA..


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actually i find that GoofOff works the best eats it right off and leaves the HSF all nice and perty

hehe its much stronger than alcohol so u dont have to scratch and **** with the base


i use nail polish remover for thermal pads or a plain ol sock turned inside out for thermal grease


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where can i get this alchol

where can i get this alcohol? pharmacy or what? cuz the computer stores here arent like best buy and stuff like that. Ohhh i know probably saco! it has tons of usefull stuff its like a hardware and equipment/everythign store/ so maybe there. and the cloth can i use those little cotton things that i wipe my face with?


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:D @ bastid

and gonzo, i've done the same thing to all my video cards... lol... and my friends'.

if it's the thermal PAD on the bottom of the stock heatsink, don't try isopropyl alcohol! it will take you hours and make a mess. the best thing for a pad, is a sharp razor that you use slowly to scrape off the pad in one big piece. after that you'll have a little residue which you can use the isopropyl for. you can get it any grocery store or pharmacy. the higher the %, the better... 91% is good. acetone is best, if you can get your hands on some. :)

don't forget to clean the cpu die!

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