Best way to apply thermal paste?



This is sort of a follow up to my previous post.

So what are some good techniques for getting that thin but even coating of thermal paste between your chip and hs?


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I just read the link above from actic silver and it scares me as muchas the razor blade suggestion.

Sharp and or metal applications tools are not a good idea. Especially on the AMD cpu's where the silicon die is exposed.

Use a flat toothpick preferably plastic because the wood ones can shed fine fibers that will increase the gab between sink and die. If you only have foow just make sure no little threads are visible on the die.


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I use the finger in the plastic bag method for both HS & chip

a small piece of paste about the size of 1/2 a grain of rice
rubbed in clockwise & counter clockwise



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Originally posted by TwoZigzagColt45
I use the finger in the plastic bag method for both HS & chip

a small piece of paste about the size of 1/2 a grain of rice
rubbed in clockwise & counter clockwise

thats for getting it into the tiny cracks in the Heatsink, the CPU die should not have the stuff rubbed in, should be applied by a sharp clean object.


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I don't do any of that junk and my system has never over heated ( ok well this one time but it was 115 outside!!!! I live in a desert....)or even ran "hot" I think AS tells you to do it that way because if u get that crap anywhere else on the cpu and u will burn it up (stupid silver particles!!) I usally get from 104 to 109 idle and 110 to 120 full load which is I don't even know what in cel. cuzz I live in america and we are stubborn bastages!!!!!


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celsius is more accurate anyway since that's what the motherboard measures the temps in. if you view it as fahrenheit, the program just converts it using the (9/5)C+32 formula.

i apply a small dab on the core and simply tap around on the core with the tip of the as3 syringe until it's covered. i don't worry about it being flat. then i put a tiny dab on the contact patch of the heatsink and rub around clockwise and counter-clockwise with a palstic bag like 2zzColt said. even if your heatsink appears to have a smooth finish on the bottom, this will help get it in the microscopic valleys and holes that exist.

my athlon 1400 puts out 78watts of heat and my temps never go above 45 in a quiet case with only one exhaust fan and power supply moving air, and a silent 60mm fan on the cpu. of course, having a good heatsink helps.


Cant you put a drop of artic silver in the middle and then when you put the heat sink on it will spread it out ?


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yeah, i've been known to do that when i'm rushed or am taking the heatsink off and on multiple times.

but even if doing that, i still suggest rubbing some compound into the heatsink bottom to assure best contact. if you take the heatsink off and go to put it back on and still have some from before rubbed in, then you don't really need to.

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lay heatsink down, with bottom facing towards you, get arctic silver, locate a fishing catapult (the one you blast maggots into walls with) fill the pouch with thermal grease pull back far as you can, aim at heatsink let rip. et voila. evenyl spread:p


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you guys use thermal paste :eek:


yah the best way to cool your cpu is to take some ice... chew it in your mouth and spit it onto the cpu before turning it on... it will be extremely cool... for a short while...

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