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I mistitled this thread (should have been NETBOOK not NOTEBOOK) and since then had a try with an HP2133 netbook which means I am "sold" on wanting a netbook rather than anything larger...

Anyway, my new parameters are more or less that I cannot/won't afford the £200 budget for netbook, probably £120 feels like my limit, though I'd stretch to £150 tops. The 2133 felt real nice keyboard/screenwise, but was just shy of what I'd like, particularly not rendering video for youtube and the like. Luckily for me applying SUSE updates borked the wi-fi because a KDE rollout stuffed it, enabling me to RMA (the benefits of buying new ;) ).

So I'm a semi informed netbook buyer. I know I want it to be capable of running a vanilla linux distro rather than one of these custom ones (the HP had that with SUSE at least). I have a bid out there for an Elonex OneT at £90, not sure if I'll get that though.

Anyone else any ideas/feedback on the netbook front?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Folding Team
*update* I seem to have won the Ebay on the Elonex OneT, came in at £89 and I am just hoping I will not regret it... My biggest worry is battery life now since it is pre-owned.... new cells on that could double the price is my guess :eek:

Anyone else with any Elonex experiences (good or bad) please step up and post :smoker:

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