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Best TV Tuner?



Im starting my second year at school in NYC, and there are only first year dorms (for those of you who dont know the school in NYC that does this its Cooper Union in Manhattan), so i had to go about getting an apartment. I already have a quality gaming computer, athlon 1.2, 512mb ram, 1 60 gig hd, 1 80 gig hd, 16x burner, etc etc...and i have a very nice Diamondtron NF 22" monitor. Now, my parents would like me to have some form of television in my apartment, but buying a TV that is like 20" will set us back $200 at least. THey want to get me a 20"...and taking one of the TV's from home is out of the question...SO, to my surprise (because my mom doesnt know much about computers) my mom suggested i look for a good TV Tuner card. I first had in mind a Happauge card cause my friend has one from like 3 years ago which he gave me to try out and it worked great...this try out was also 3 years ago :). SO i looked at happauge's website and looked thru their product listing but nothing looked really appealing for their prices. I did some more research and found this nice USB job from KWorld, a no name company yes, but out of stock at every yahoo baacked reseller online. But i figured that the out of stock sign would never go away. I saw on someone specs thru their signature file on a forum that he was using a Leaktek TV2000XP...i looked a little harder into it, and it was cheaper than this KWorld USB job and has some nice features...but i dont know if that is the best choice....anyone have any recommendations...i think about $100 is my price max.


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you can get any decent tv tuner for around 30-40 dollars that should be more than enough...

not worth getting an 8500 AIW... coz that costs around 300 dollars or so... I bought my retail 8500 for 130... calculate that...

I have a hauppage tvtuner... not the greatest but I can record to my HDD and the picture quality is pretty good.. I get 30 frames/s tv...


ati also makes tv tuners that are separate from their vid cards that are ALSO pretty good...


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ATI TV-Wonder is a good card (This is NOT the All-In-Wonder video card, its just a PCI TV Tuner. You still need a normal video card too), about $70 at most places


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