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Best Techno Song!!


High On Life!
I have the best techno song! i dont know that name and artist thats what i want to find out so where can i upload it so evryone can download it and tell me if they know it? Its really good! and also if you guys saw int the Topic "best car for newbie" well this is the song we crashed the audi a8 in!


High On Life!
well thats what im saying

there are no words so there are no lyrics! and also i want to upload it so where can i thats where i want to put a sample or something acualty i want to put the whole song its awsome!


High On Life!
I found out the Song!

here every one i found out the name of the song now go and download it!!!!!!!:D :D :D :D
Trance Control - This is My House.mp3

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