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Best router/DSL modem.

Hi, i am looking to get a new modem/router, it needs to be both wireless and cabled. What is the best value for money in the market at the moment???


I may actually be insane.
The WRT54G isn't a modem.

I'm happy enough with my Netgear DG384G, they seem to have dropped in price recently too.


I may actually be insane.
The DG834G is wireless, it supports both B and G.

The difference between B and G is that G is faster. B = ~11mb, G = ~54mb.


I may actually be insane.
I've never used any of the so called "speed boosting" models, therefore don't know if they really work as advertised, however to fully use them you need the router, and then a compatible card in each machine you intend to use at the full speed.

Provided your internet connection isn't faster than 10mb/s, then you should be find using wireless for browsing.


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Also to be noted that if you do get the speedy model, if any of your hardware (wifi cards) only runs at the speed of B (11mbps), your whole network will slow down to that.

Same goes for G really, just wanted to point out that you may have to upgrade current hardware to support the faster technology.
I have checked both laptops and they are good for G = 54, so it will just have to be a 54mbps. I will have a look round for the best price.

Thanks for your help.

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