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Can someone please tell me what's the best registry cleaner for Win XP Pro. I have trial versions of iolo system mechanic, evidence-eliminator, window whasher 4.1. I don't know if by cleaning your system of junk files that I'm also cleaning up the registry. I'm a rookie. Can someone point me out to the right direction. Thank you :rolleyes:
Thank you I will try it. The other programs that I have, are they any good? Is one better than the other? Thanks.
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I have your program running as we chat. It's at "please wait 10% into this job". How long does it take?
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ok thanks. I will let you know what it finds. Thank you.
ok I used program. It told me it had 24 bad entries. I deleted them. Do I have to analyze me system again? Is 24 considered too much bad entries or not bad at all. thank you so much.
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Thank you for the support and the program. Have a Nice New Year.:) :) :) :) :)
thx been looking for something to clean out the clutter :D ill give it a shot !! let u know what it fines .... thx for the link !!
A good one..

Use the APK Reg Cleaner and you will have no problems. I was that impressed with it I am even going to pay for it.

Btw Alex, you should have the $,s soon because my bro outlaw from California is sending it to you, it saves me the hassle of going through the P.O here.

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It just doesn't get any Beta than this.

just downloaded and ran your regcleaner ,worked like a charm!!
now where should i send the money? it's well worth the price!

da rock

Hey Babe
All this person wants to hear is a Thank you.
I'm sure the program you talking about is much better than RegCleaner.

Happy New Year
You know, the old origional Microsoft Regclean works pretty good in Windows XP. Ive been using it for months and it works fine.
Thank you for the information. I'm looking for the best and you may have it. The reason I'm so concerened about Registery Cleaning is that I got screwed up once, big time, playing with the Registery when I thought I had Poltergeist in my PC. In fact I was thinking of removing the R-E-G-E-D-I-T keys from my keyboard.

Thanks again and have a Happy New Year
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