Best Program to Use for iPod


Brian = D
18 Nov 2004
What's the best program to being able to pull songs off my Ipod to my computer?
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You can't take anything off your iPod with iTunes unless you use 'Disk Access' mode which turns a partition of the iPod into a simple HD for storage. If you want to rip music from your library back off your iPod you should try checking this out.
I recommend Mallet 2.0 , from what I understand it helps the ipod functionality more than any other program around

heh anyway, the only program I could find was, and im not 100% on this but I think there was an open source program alternative for itunes out there but I cant seem to find it
I just back mine up lol. All 20GB! Heaven forbid I should lose my backups and my iPod! It took me 3 weeks to rip that lot hehe.

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