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Hey guys,

I fixed up a laptop for my sister as a Christmas gift for her. Its a simple config, but enough for what she'll be using it for.

These are the specs:

Pentium 3 700mhz
128 shared PC100 ram
WinXP Pro
80 gig drive
PCMCIA wireless
Standard 56k modem

For now I installed Zonealarm Security suite to keep it running, but I notice that during bootup (and in general functioning whenever it asks about a program that wants to access the net) it takes a long time to load. Anyways, I'm looking into another AV software I could use (preferably free) and just keep the Windows Firewall instead. Anyone have any ideas?



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I use AVG Free on all my personal PC's. As well as a few at work. It really depends on what you want, but for home users, that aren't downloading anything from anywhere? AVG Free is great.

From there down people can bash and trash McAffee, Norton, Kapersky, and others.

BTW, please don't hijack threads. :D I dunno if a Mod will move this or not.


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Yeah, my sister sometimes adds crap to the computer without her realizing...I'm gonna give AVG a shot, thx guys :)


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I know you said it is enough, but you might also want to look into disabling some services and parts of the GUI, and perhaps upgrading the RAM. That should give you a nice performance boost.

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