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best pc vendor in UK?


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hi guys,

Im from australia and is currently in Germany and will be goin to the UK in the weekend. If you guys could point out to me what are the top (good place that stock good stuff also modded stuff like HSF from zalman or anything like that) and also affordable places. Ill prefrably be goin to london so any ideas from you guys would be a great help. If they have a webpage too that would be even better. thanks in advance guys/gals.


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UK goods tend to be more expensive than those on the continent. But take a look at www.Dabs.com and www.ebuyer.co.uk where you'll find many items at competitive prices with low delivery charges.

There's not many high street stores that you will find a bargain when it comes to pc stuff I'm afraid. If you don't mind grey imports, then check out Tottenham Court Road in Central London.


My Yngy is My HoneY!
ming said:
UK goods tend to be more expensive than those on the continent.

thanks for the tips guys. wow the prices are indeed more expensive in london. not just price wise but exchange rate wise its cheaper in australia. i did check ebuyer, and they seem like a good and respectable company but i dont think i even knowmy addresss in london to deliver yet so that would kinda sux. i guess ill just see and buy as i walk around. thx for the tips anyways guys.

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