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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by stuy_b, Sep 22, 2002.

  1. stuy_b

    stuy_b Guest

    Right after much umming & arring Ive decided that the 9700 is just too expensive, yes Id love one, but just cant justify it at the moment.

    OK so, Im going for a Ti4600 now instead.

    Which or these would you recommend...

    Leadtek WinFast A250 Ultra TD MyVIVO Geforce4 Ti 4600 (AGP) £233.83 inc vat. from

    Gainward AGP GeForce4 Ti4600 128MB DDR
    "Ultra/750XP £229.50 inc vat from

    MSI AGP GeForce4 Ti4600 128MB DDR DVI
    G4Ti4600-VTD, Tv-Out/Video-in £209.25 inc vat. from

    Dont worry about the price, cos I can afford any of them. Im looking at which gives best TV-out and image quality, oh and which has best driver utilities/support.
  2. dabomb

    dabomb Moderator

    i would go with the gainward one, but i would seriusly watch out for as i have purchased alot of things from them in one bulk and i have a few problems with the stuff and they do not have a landline number for you to ring them, they can be really dodgy
  3. Conan

    Conan Guest

    My vote is for Leadtek. It looks superb.
  4. Nick M

    Nick M Moderator

    I had all three models of the MSI Geforce 4 cards, the 4200, 128MB version, the 4400, and the 4600. The 4600 seems a little bit faster then the other ones. I don't know if they are still doing it now, but, MSI packs everything in one box. An adapter, VIVO cable, a few games, which btw aren't that carppy, and the required drivers. Now I have a differen't card, and the cooler on this one is a little bit better. Dabomb said to be careful with, I'v never ordered from there, so I don't really know, but be wary. If not the MSI, I could go for Leadtek.
  5. Rebs

    Rebs Guest

    Go for the Gainward Golden Sample.
  6. Iceman

    Iceman Moderator

    MSI AGP GeForce4 Ti4600 128MB DDR DVI

    always have liked MSI, never had a problem with them have bought several MOBO and vid cards from them.

    Gainward, never liked them, and have had bad xperience with them.

    Leadtek is good as well.

    Just my 2 cents worth

  7. Yharn

    Yharn meh.

    Indiana, USA
    I'd have to sy go with the Gainward Goldensample card. Its the only one I know of that is still under warranty if you overclock.