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Best New Game Played This Year



I was just woundering what was everybody's new favorite game of 2003 was.

My favortie game this year (that i've played) is Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time. This game just owns... Running on walls, stabbing people, and lots of crazy moves to kill them with.
Definitely Gothic 2! It's the best RPG I've ever played--no offense to the immortal and venerable Baldur's Gate 2, but Gothic 2 really is that good. It's the AI that sets it apart.
Baldurs Gate II was good, on a seperate note

but as for best game... hmm... Id say Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (earlier 2003, but hey, still 2003): groovy graphics, great story, insane amounts of replay value (still going :D) and just an all around great environment. Me enjoyed :p


I'd have to say XIII. that game is all around fun. its a fresh twist on your average FPS - how many FPSs have you seen that are cell shaded? the game is just plain fun to me. it has a good story and exelent gameplay, and the graphics look absolutely perfect. top it off with a kick ass multiplayer game and online support and you might begin to understand why I like this game so much.


GBA (an amazing year for the GBA)
1) Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
2) Advance Wars II
3) Fire Emblem
4) Wario Warez
5) Super Mario Advance 4

1) Ratchet & Clank Going Commando
2) Jak II
3) SSX 3
4) Madden NFL 2004
5) Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution

1) CoD
2) Max Payne
3) Rise Of Nations

Cross Platform
1) Vice City
2) Star Wars KOTR
3) The Simpsons Hit and Run (yeah - I said it)
4) Soul Calibur II
5) Need For Speed Underground
6) Freedom Fighters
7) Prince Of Persia - Sands Of Time

#1 Game Of the Year
Ratchet & Clank Going Commando
(if I had to pick just 1 single game to have for the whole year)


Originally posted by Cosmin
As I expected Commandos 3 Destination Berlin was what I've needed .. :cool:
Ugg... Commandos 2 was great... Commandos 3 was like a step backwards.


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definetly need for speed underground... no matter what the game is i can only play it for 1 hour max and i usually decide to go back on messenger and talk but because of this game ive hardly been on messenger i just cant stop playing it... but one of my all time favourites would be black & white although i think that came out in 2002


Call of duty sounds like it owns, but is it anything like Mohaa? (or with the expansions, I just havent played any of them) If so let me know....

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