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Best Motherbords


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Originally posted by C:/NTFS
i would like to know wht really good motherbords i can get for round about £100
are you looking for intel or amd based system ?

specify and we can help you out with the type of mobo to get ...


F@H - Is it in you?
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Originally posted by Krux
all the reviews I read about the nforce 3 it got stomped by the KT600
unfortunately we will have to wait for shipping versions of both boards to see what they truly offer...
I have always used ASUS in the past. They're very reliable boards, and come with some of the best features.
For example, back when I bought my PIII 550, the ASUS P3B-f was undoubtedly the most feature-rich board on the market, and it still works flawlessly even now. :)


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long time ago i was an idiot and i thought that intel made the best mobos since they make the processors, i thought like its the only original the others were fake! hehe ahhh the old days


High On Life!
i swear i was sooo stupid when i was 5, i brought a floppy to school and asked my computer teacher to put me put put ( the talking purple car) from the mac's at school on the floppy when i had a windows machine, and the game would never fit on a floppy heeheheheheh


What kind of features are you looking for in the motherboard? SATA? RAID? Firewire? Brand wise I would say Asus, Abit (if you can afford it), gigabyte or epox (thats what I've got :D)

Paul Rimington

check out the soltek v75, been runnin faultlessly in my system for 18 months ,ddr400 +ata133 support .. seems to be growing on me


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I bought an Asus motherboard not too long ago (look at sig)
and all I've had is trouble. I'm quite mad about the fact that
I forked out money for an 8x graphics card and my motherboard is
in-compatible with it.
What about Gigabyte motherboards? They're quite good :)

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