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i was wondering what you all thought of for a board for a P4 3.2GHz, processor, 800FSB with the Intel 845PE (<-- i think that this is the fastest chipset for the P4 out there, please excuse my ignorance, i have been away from computers for around 2 months, so not fully up to date.) what do you all think is the best MOBO with the fastest chipset, and then what are your opinions of specalty ram, aka overclockers ram. i have never really noticed a large difference, other than lower memory timings, which (in my case) have caused crashed, either due to defective ram or too agressive on the timings. anyway, just wanted to ask. thanks yall.


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The 875 was the fastest last time I looked.
The 865 is a stripped down version (cheaper) of the 875.
The 845 is last years model.

ASUS, ABIT or Intel. take you pick.


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yeah, old 845 only supports the 400/533mhz fsb and uses single-channel memory. the new 865 and 875 support the 800mhz fsb and use dual-channel. the best budget/performance chipset would be the 865.


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Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000
its the 865 chipset but it works well.. i would say get something sponcered by intel, not one of the cheaper brands, money is well worth it


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I got the top of the line MSI motherboard...

just got back tonite... will install it tomorrow... :)

and it is PE... also has PAT though due to licensing reasons I believe MSI calls it MAT... from the tests I have seen the automatic overclocking seems to be quite effective...

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