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Best Mobo Problem ever!


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My mate, Paddy in all his wisdom :rolleyes:gota new computer a few months ago. A Pentium Celeron 2.6GHz Pc from noneother than PC World, Northern Irelands best <cough>computer shop :crosseyed:.One of my other mates was getting a new graphics card and so he gavePaddy his old GeForce 4 MX 440 to see if it would go into his pc.Surelywe all thought it would have an agp slot being a fairly recent pc butmy god has Pc World out done itsself. We didnt believe him when he saidhecouldnt see one so he sent is a pic. The attachment contains a pic ofpaddy and his mobo. Come to your own conclusions :nervous:

P.S. Is it just me or is his mobo really quite small?



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Do they still make motherboards without AGP slots? I'm guessing it's using an onboard one at the moment, but still...it would make upgrading the computer slightly harder than usual, unless he wants to go for a PCI graphics card in the future.


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Doesnt seem like a problem to me, sometimes they(companies) do that to save money on production. You see it a lot in gfx cards(which it why pipelines and clock speeds are easily chaged) If they didnt advertise it...then to bad for your friend :p


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well that is not totally uncommon in low end boards. As for the board being small it looks like a microATX board
LeeJend said:
Sigh, will people never learn that off the shelf PC's are garbage (except Alienware).
Alienware is overrated and overpriced in my opinion... Admittedly they're probably better than an HP, for example but I still think there are better companies out there building better systems... Monarch Computer makes some really nice ones for a lot less money than what you'll pay for an Alienware.. Either way, I avoid pre-built PC's like the plague (which was your main point, I take it.)


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cryogenic, you're not the only one. lol. Yes, Alienware has some nice computers, and granted they are for the average American Idiot (no Green Day reference intended), but they are extremely overpriced. I mean come on. they say they are optimized to get the best performance....... what do they mean by that? OC'd and some windows tweaks that you could do for yourself for free and save a couple grand? Buying an Alienware (and, for the most part, any other brand name pc like Sony Vaio's (which i know from personal experience, and if anyone really wants to hear about it, i'll be glad to tell the story)) is just buying the name Alienware and the fancy schmancy case. you can build a computer with the same specs or better for probably half the price.

sorry bout the rant. Alienware just pisses me off. And about the mobo being small..... ya, i think small is an understatement.
that's a standard sized mATX board.. Note the 3 PCI slots. Needless to say, your buddy got ripped off. His expansion options are pretty much nil. He might be best served to save up for a new mobo.


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Hey! I put some blood, sweat and tears into those Alienware computers Literally O_O. Stupid sharp metal edges -__-. The average alienware computer I used to build comes with like a 3ghz or amd 64 3500 with like a gig of corsair memory, geforce 6800 or ati x800, 2 raptors or 400 gig serial ata, 2 dvd writers, audigy 2 ZS and the list goes on and on..... So its not some cheap stuff lol.

I remember once a case fell off the assembly and the whole place went dead silent. lol :)
aparently you don't read too much. buying an Alienware, you're paying for the name, and the one of a kind cases, that's IT. you can build your own PC with the same or better components for a lot cheaper, and it'll perform just the same. i never once said that alienware was cheap. GREEDY maybe, but not cheap. why on earth would anyone need 2 DVD writers?!?!?!?


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Hey hey hey now, lets not get off on the wrong foot here pointing the fingers ok? I didnt insult you so I would ask you to do the same. I never said once that you said they were cheap. I'm just expressing my opinion. And I have my own built machine as well. I suppose people invest in them becuase either they dont have the time or knowledge to build thier own or maybe it could be for the fact of longer warranty with techincal support. Anyway let's not take away Tricky's Thread now lol.

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