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Best memory for a7n8x dlx?



I just got a new Asus A7N8X Deluxe mobo rev. 2.0 bios 1.005 to run with my AthlonXP 2500+ barton.

I bought 2 sticks of 256mb pc2700 ram at the same time, I thought I was getting Samsung chips but ended up getting Spectek.

Anyhow, my system has been randomly rebooting ever since. The system has only been up a day and already it has randomly rebooted 3 or 4 times during regular usage (web surfing etc.). My old Epox 8rda+ ran great dual channel with 2 sticks of spectek (not the same ones, sold them with the 8rda+) but apparently this a7n8x is alot more picky (which i heard it could be). The CPU temp is steady at about 49C with mobo temp of around 37C so I'm thinking that it has to be the memory.

I'm RMAing the RAM back and now need to get 2 new sticks of PC2700 ram. Before I order something, I was just wondering what everyone thought would be a good and economical choice for my board.

I'm not looking to do serious overclocking or anything, I just want stable and speedy memory.

I looked at the asus page at their recommended memory table but can't really make heads or tails of too much of it.

Anyhow, anyone have any good experiences or recommendations on RAM for this board?



hardware monkey
friend of mine just recently order the exact same board and 2x512mb OCSystem pc3200. hopefully we'll find out by next weekend if it's gonna be good enough.

i recently bought 2x512 OCSystem pc3200 cl2 sticks and they're in my NF7 1.0 right now. but they're way underclocked at 266mhz but with real tight timings (2-2-2-2, i think) and totally stable.

crucial is a surefire winner, though. ;)


I just got 2x 512MB/3200 Kingston HyperX.. I am very pleased with them.. they look cool too..

I found that my system is most stable if I back the fsb off 200.. currently I'm using stock cooling with cpu at 2275MHz (12.5x182 @ 1.75v) and it's very stable.. I'll play around with higher o/c when I have better cooling.. currently around 47/34 idle - case open for now..

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