Best Laptop Video Cards


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28 Dec 2001
I'm getting a laptop.

But what are the best laptop video cards?

Both nVidia and Radeon have cards out for laptops ranging from 64 - 128mb.

Help required !!


I'd personally go for the ATI Radeon.
You're not going to get anything (comparatively) decent in a notebook, therefore anything that's not shared is a bonus. Doesn't really matter what you get, due to other limiting factors of notebooks, the performance isn't going to be vastly different between a GeForce or Radeon.
the new ati cards are pretty good... faster than anything the competition has and less power-draw as well == longer battery life :cool:

its based off of the rv360... it has few pipelines so its not quite the desktop cards performance but its more than adequate for most games @ decent resolutions and LOD..
cryogenic said:
mobile Radeon 9600 Pro (codenamed M10) is actually pretty similar in speed to a desktop Radeon 9600 Pro (moreso than you'd expect)... here's a link to a good article on this.

mainly @ the lower resolutions...

soon as you start increasing the LOD and res the lesser pipeline count shows...

but it IS the best solution @ the moment :)
I agree. The Radeon 9600 would be the best choice in a gaming laptop.
Heh, I have a Mobility Radeon 9200, and it can run anything I want with a 1.3Ghz Centrino. In conclusion, I'm not educated about laptop graphics, so I say go ATi.

Edit, ATi has Mobility Radeon 9700 with 256MB of RAM released. How does this compare in performance with the 9600?
You might also want to look into the GeforceFX Go 5600 (64MB) / 5650 (128MB) / 5700 (128MB). Ive seen reviews of laptops getting over 10,000 3dmark2001 marks with these cards. These will easily play any game you throw at it (ok, you might only get 300fps where on a 9800XT you would get 400fps :) )

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