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best headphones for the money?

gah! im sick of these crappy headphones, time for some new ones! i dont know much about headphones, so what do you guys think the best set of headphones is for the money? I'd like to spend under $100. thanks in advance =P


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wow, I mean, I consider myself a big fan of quality sounds, but I don't think you need to get near $100 for headphones, I think the $40-60 range should do you just fine. I don't use headphones a WHOLE lot, so I just went with a realitively cheap pair of philips, and I'll say that I can't tell much a difference between these and the set of professional ones downstairs. they sound good, they feel comfortable, 1/8th and 1/4 adapters included, gold plated ect ect, I like 'em... phillips.


I'm using Sennheiser HD437 at the moment, and they are really nice sounding. I bought them for AU$60 (probably about US$40), there are also the HD457 which are a bit more expensive. But if you want to spend US$100 on headphones, well there are some nice options out there from Sennheiser in that price range too...


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i swear by these...

Optimus Pro 35

you'd probly give me a weird look when i recommend a radio shack brand, but these headphones deliver the clearest and most balanced sound i've heard from just about any set of headphones. the highs are all there without any shrillness and the bass punches through nicely without any boominess whatsoever. i got mine on sale for $20 and i think they go on sale for this price from time to time.

i'm on my second pair right now. the pads on the first pair just wore down all the way and finally one side came loose (after about 2 years). after i bought this set, i decided i would be more delicate with them and not toss them in my bag. they have a built-in volume control which is invaluable to me.

oh, i almost forgot. anything from Sennheiser is a surefire winner. i heard good things about them then once at fry's i saw a set for something around 10 bucks. i told my friend to get it and we couldn't be happier with them. superb, balanced, clear sound and comfortable. only thing is there's no volume control. i believe it's the HD 470 Headmax®

needless to say, we were lucky to get them for the price we did. and these being near the bottom of sennheiser's lineup, the other sets could only be better.


Go for Sennheisers (sp?) believe me. You always get what you pay for...

Most people don't consider comfort, but the Sennheisers are "open air" headphones and any use over an hour or so will NOT cause your ears to get hot and sweaty.

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