Best Hard Drive Backup/Restore utility?



What is the best hard drive backup/restore utility? And if ya know of a good guide to go with it that would help too! See i need to backup my 40gig drive then format it, set it up on raid with my new 40gig and then restore the backup to my new 80gig raid array since i recently reformated and dont want to have to set it all up over again. Thanks..
- Mike


Hey, also about Norton Ghost.. i used that last time here is what happened:
I backed up a 40gig hard drive. I had only used about 20 of the 40gigs. But when i restored the image to my bigger newer 60gig drive it took up 40gig (the same size as the drive i backedup) instead of just the 20gig i had used on it.. obviously i chose the wrong way to back up the drive or some wrong options or something. If someone could either give me a link to a good guide, or tell me what i did wrong, or tell me what to do.. that would be great!
- Mike


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Norton Ghost makes a image of your whole hard drive it compresses the files, but then it also backsup the partition table, so it will have created a mirror of your 40 gig drive. You need to use Partition Magic 7 to add the remaining space to the drive.


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Partition Magic 7 is by PowerQuest, you have to buy it. So far as I can remember, a friend of mine has it. You would need to set up the remaining area of the disk, formatted the same as the 40 gig partition with the OS on it. You would then need to Merge the two partitions, I would recommend Backing up all data and running scandisk and defrag before the merge.
Don't know if this works with XP but it does with Win98 where you have the problem you mention....

Just reinstall the OS on top of the image cloned from norton ghost and it will change the size of the partition table to fit the full size of the new partition/drive.



Yea, it works with XP. I use it all the time. It's real easy and does a good job at creating and changing partitions. It comes with Power Quest Boot Magic that does not work with Windows Xp. As far as backups, I've been using Power Quest Drive Image and Power Quest Datakeeper. They seem to work as well as any. Good Luck..;)

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