Best Graphics/Gaming Monitor in 21"/22"?

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More monitor ???'s here.

My reviews:

Samsung Synchmaster 900NF: Stinks. The 18" VIS is distored around the edges and I was adviced by Samsung not to even install the monitor setup software with it called "Natural Color" because it was causing problems. The dispay becomes very dark and hard to correct. Images are so dark that you have to crank up the brightness & gamma to be able to correctly see them. But when you do this the image becomes too bland and details of the image are lost. Playing Quake would be almost torture due to the dark rooms and figures. Thumbs down on this one. I sent it back to Dell. This is a $390 monitor base.

Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2060u NF: Weights 70 lbs and has a 22" screen. The image is perfectly formed. No curvature or imperfection. But, the colors are not crisp and bright. They are very toned-down in terms of clarity. Photos do not appear life-like. It comes with ICC files for Windows XP applications like Adode 6.0 and such. But no difference is seen. I am running at 9300K using all of the proper settings. I would like to see better quality in terms of bright vibrant detail. This is a $900 monitor base.

Lacie Electron Blue 22": I was told that this is essentially the same monitor as the Diamond Pro 2060u and that the color software and calibrator (an extra $500) only works with the Mac.
This is a $1000 monitor base.

Any pointers here? Is the high end Sony any better, or is it going to be the same? The thing that gets me also is that none of these monitors come with XP drivers or software.

Should I be looking into upgrading my 64MB GeForce 3 4X AGP GPU? Adding something ontop of it like Hercules?



don't know about the larger sizes

but, I have a 17" Samsung SyncMaster 753DF (flat screen) and a 19" Samsung SyncMaster 955DF (flat screen) and they are awesome monitors. The color and crispness of the images they give me are outstanding. Maybe you just got a bad one?? The Samsung was recommended to me by a friend who also does digital video editing and was my purpose for purchasing it. I love my Samsungs. Heck, even their customer service is good. I mailed in my rebate form, and eventually got an e-mail from them letting me know they got my rebate form and that it was being processed, and more e-mails from them letting me know when the check was mailed back to me! All with no prompting from me...


Damn you, dsmlaser, I just wet myself after seeing SGI flat screens again.


Well, a brand that has perfect monitors is EIZO, you might want to check them although they´re not cheap.
Personally I have an ELSA ECOMO 21H97 (=Hitachi CM803ET), I have it for almost 5 years now and I´m still extremely satisfied with it even though at the time it cost me about $1500!

I do want to state that the graphics card makes a considerable difference as well as far as picture quality is concerned. One Geforce3 is not the other Geforce3!


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If you want a good and cheap 21" CRT mointor, I'll recomend the Hansol 2100A. It has a great 85 hz refreshrate in 1600x1200 at a cost of 600$...

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