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Best Game




Today: Halo, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, Everquest, Renegade, Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Tomorrow: Neverwinter Nights, Unreal 2, Everquest 2
Yesterday: Half-Life, Baldur's Gate II, Unreal
The 38 ain't my I.Q. lol

too long, first game I played electronically (sp) PONG, can you believe that? ........lol

getting old, time sure fly's when your having fun


Tekken 4 on PS2. Definatley one of my favorite games of all time next to Super Mario World on SNES :)
The games today simply amaze me, kid's don't know how nice they have it, but I had fun when I was a kid too, and I'm still a kid, play diablo 2 at least 3 times a week, Yuri's Revenge every now and again with my teenagers.


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Yesteryear: StarCraft, Chrono Trigger, EVERY King's Quest game up until VII, and Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Today: Dungeon Siege, Morrowind, Emperor: Battle for Dune, Red Alert 2, UT, and Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast.

Tomorrow: UT2K3, Duality, and StarCraft 2 (C'MON, Blizzard! I KNOW you've got that hiding in back somewhere!!! :mad: ).

My two cents. Taxes took the rest. ;)



Originally posted by l0g0ut
today: diablo ii
yesterday: hmm... i still play x-com:enemy unknown
tomorrow: warcraft iii
warcraft 3 tomorrow?? its already around for some... mmm beta :D
I remember Atari, Airwolf, or was it Gunship, one of those anyway, was wicked. Not too old only 18.

Now: Max Payne, (actually havent got many new games)
Yesterday: NFS3, UT, Half-Life, Incoming
Tomorrow: Halo PC version (if ever), Unreal2
Quake 2 was good online, but i was always stuck in a corner and couldnt move, I would get killed as the server thought I was camping, but I couldnt even shoot either.


Past: Age of Empires II, Sam and Max, and any of the You don't know Jack games.

Present: Jedi Outcast, MoHAA, and RtCW (What can I say I'm a Q3 Engine bitch!) also since it's been emulated I've been playing the hell outta the Spider-Man arcade game and Captain America and the Avengers.

Future: Star Wars Galaxies, Doom 3, and Super Ultra Street Fighter II-RCE (Really cool edition) EX Champion Edition, Extra Gore, Turbo :D


Well, I can go a couple ways with this one. I would say the best game I have played would be Unreal Tournament because of its multiplayer. I was a feind for that game, and still I need a fix every week or so.

Still there are a few games that I must mention because they turned me onto PC games (I used to be a console-only player): Doom II & Duke Nukem 3D (multiplayer was damn cool on both of those, even with a 28.8, hehe). Also, The 7th Guest, Quake 1, and B17 Flying Fortress.


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fav games of present ?

gotta be RtCW, Counter-strike/half-life (ok so I finished HL like 2 years ago, so what :) ) Deus-Ex, Max Payne, BattleZone 2 (yes I still play it), FIFA 2002, Halo.... sad thing is once I finish a game I am bored to get back to it, except for deus ex and max payne... and of course the greatest football game EVER... FIFA 2002

fav games of the past?

I still remember my duck shoot game on the Snes with the little gun... that was beautiful.. duke nukem, doom, quake (the original)

fav games of the future? ...

when I actually get it will be GTA 3 and of course the new quake and doom... also would love to get my hands on the new command and conquer game renegade or whatever its called... and of course the sequel to HALO... Bungie hurry it up already :D

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