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Best Free Forum Application


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I don't think it's an application, I don't know what it is called. I want to add forums to my site and I want something close to vbulletin but I don't have money. I remember there being a free full one out there, can't remember.

Help? suggestions.


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I run a pretty sizable forum using SMF at http://www.istorya.net/forums/ ... migrated from phpBB some years ago because phpBB seemed like it would be stuck on version 2 forever. phpBB3 has recently gone gold however and some friends and I use it over at http://bfwgaming.com/forums/ . I love the new admin features of phpBB but for some reason it also lacks some pretty basic forum features ... like quick reply which you need a mod. You can't go wrong with either SMF or phpBB.

Run-on sentence end.

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In every case, I need a MySQL database available on my domain, am I right ? I'm asking because I have to buy the option or take a larger disk space (500Mo against 100Mo)that includes PHP 5 + MySQL5 ?
To answer your question Carpo, the traffic should be rather low because of its private purpose (family scattered in FroggyLand), but I don't want to be limited though it'll never the size of Osnn ;)


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I am going to be using Joomla for my website I manage, and they have a forums addon for it, actually acouple of them. They look pretty good.


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when I first started I was using phpBB2, and now I upgraded to phpBB3 and I must say phpBB3 is very good.

What I love about phpBB, is how you can just customize the hell out of it, vBulletin, IPB... you can also do the same, but with phpBB (at least to me) the sky is the limit... plus its free.
If you haven't got much time, and want to see what the new phpbb3 can offer, just try it out on this host : free forum hosting

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