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Best File Sharing software?

I've been using Kazaa and Kazaa Resurrection, but I want to try some other file sharers. What is a good alternative?

I've searched around the forum and read about Bittorent. Is this good? I'm seeing Torentstorm, etc. Are there different types of Bittorent or what? Then what is the best version/type...

Finally, does Bittorent work like Kazaa or does it have a different system? And does it contain any spyware/adware/trojan/etc?



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Bittorrent is a protocol for transfering files, to download a torrent (sort of like a .tar archive) you need a bittorrent client, which will connect to other people who are also downloading that torrent. There is no built in search feature, you must find the torrent you want, then open it with your client to download it. Try suprnova.org (yes that's the right spelling) to find torrents.

And if you're looking for a replacement for kazaa, limewire is excellent.
When you say Limewire is excellent, are you also implying that it is better than kazaa? By "better", I mean are there more files and is it faster, etc. Bittorrent sounds pretty confusing to me. I might go ahead and try Limewire first and put Bittorrent as a last resort...

Thanx for you replies. Off to try limewire first.


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BT gives me faster transfers than any other filesharing app I've ever used. The main limitation is there is no search feature, so you must go to sites that have links to the torrents. A torrent is a small file (usually just a few kilobytes) that has the information needed for your BT app to find the file and download it. I use Azureus as my BT client, because it gives a lot of helpful information such as how many users have the file, what percentages they have, the exact contents of the file, etc. It is normal for me to get downloads of 150kbps-200kbps using BitTorrent, which is the main reason I recommend it. :)
I haven't used anything apart from BitTorrent (G3 Torrent client) for a very long time now.
Most of the other networks have too much junk - fake files, worms, etc. Just not worth it.
I can find most of what I'm looking for with eMule http://emule-project.net .

Can be slow to start but usually get decent download speeds.

Only problem, it needs setup correctly and you have to open up a few ports on your firewall (read the help files).

WinMX and Bittorrent are good also :)
Zedric said:
I only use Direct Connect. I don't know if that's big in USA though.
I use to use DC but it's hard one if you have small HD's or if your like me and fill them quickly as ALL the good hub require a good number of gigs shared to enter. :) Alot of great bootlegs (the legal kind from artists that allow show taping) on DC. The hub owner had over 1/2 TB. :eek:

-edit- Oh and yeah I think DC is pretty big here. Was a big DC ring taken down for warez recently and I believe they were from US. ;)


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my hard drives r about full with crap. over 10gb of vid and about 5 gb of music with another gig or 2 of programs. Sucks havin 2 20gb hard drives :(. I need to build another computer for storage and testing :)


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I used to use DC and it has it's advantages, but it seriously lacks in that it isn't "distributive" since you only download from a single user. Unless things have changed, this is the case, and it just isn't satisfactory anymore considering the P2P apps that connect to multiple sources simultaeously. Just my 2 pennies. :)


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Only two progs you need are Limewire and Azureus .. Bittorrent Rox ! Limewire is good to use for scattered things.

kazaa gets monitored by the feds and you end up with a lot of fakes. Emule/edonkey either never starts to download or hangs up in the middle and never finishes. Direct connect you have to part of a network (atleast the last time I used it you did). Irc is limited to what you can get, it's an endless search for some things (I know you can go to sites like mydownloader.com and packetnews.com - when they are up). gnutella is good to find things, and it finds a lot, but it never downloads anything.

I have found more with Bittorent than with anything I have ever used. Even private ftps, and I been using them a lot longer than bittorent. Limewire is great for finding scattered items.

I can still remember the days when napster and scour were king of the hill :)


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Man, ScourExchange. Now that was an awesome program. I almost forgot about that one. Too bad they caved. :(

Another good one was CuteMX. Globalscape (CuteFTP fame) shut it down the first time they were threatened by lawsuits.

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