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Best email program?



Hi There...

Subject says it all really - what do people consider the best email program? I need to get my email organised on my PC, and I'd like to use a nice, powerful program that looks good too.

Any suggestions for a decent usenet reader would be great too!


While I wish the features of other programs were available to my favourite, I still think Outlook Express is the best mail program on the PC right now. I like how it integrates with MSN messenger and I find it quite quick compared to offerings from Netscape and Eudora. But I wish it had certain features such as:

a) the ability to install Cloudmark Spamnet. A version is currently being offered for Outlook but I don't like Outlook, it doesn't scan my mail when I first enter (it delays) and its filtering system is horrible.

b) Constantly scanning the mail server for new messages. If IE is part of the OS that can't be removed, wouldn't it be nice that they make OE a part that is everpresent as well? The little tray icon that shows up when you have a new message only shows up if OE is fully open in the Taskbar. It would be nice to have OE run as a service and have a message pop up (like Hotmail on MSN Messenger) stating that there is new mail.

c) The ability to send messages with backgrounds like Outlook and Incredimail do. It's not that much of a feature, but it would be fun to customize somewhat.



i use oe.. it does both mail and newsgroup and it has all the features i need.. imo, there is no point of install other programs when there is one comes with windows already... :) afterall, you paid for windows already, why not use it?


I like Outlook Express, mainly because I think it's the only program that can check hotmail. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. (I'd love to be wrong because that would give me a chance to check out some of the other programs offered.)


Chamone M*tha Fu*ka
You can set up Outlook to check hotmail too. I only found this out recently! Although u can't read news in outlook (it tends to want to use oe, so I use xnews as my newsreader - free and easy to use!)


I'm not a big fan of Outlook Express. I use Netscape Messenger, but that's mainly because it's the only free program that my university supports.

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