Best DVDR or RWs to use for burning?


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Well, I've decided that its time to look at using my DVD burning unit to actually back up some of my stuff thats on the hard drive (due to disk space / protection purposes) so before I rush out any buy any random DVDRs or DVDRWs does anyone know a good make that isn't too costly that I can buy?

Preferably stuff from places like PCW would be good, or a good online supplier maybe.


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Dublex, Verbatim is the best DVD-r you can buy, primarily because their discs are made by Taiyo-Yuden, which is considered the best DVD manufacturer around quality wise. They may be more expensive, but they will most certainly be more compatible and less prone to errors. I have never had an error with these discs and I use a ****load all the time.


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My discs of choice are:

Datawrite Titaniums (DVD-R - 4.7Gb) or TuffDisc (DVD-R - 4.7Gb), the later I only really use for very important material because they are alot more expensive. I usually get all mine from but i suppose if one isnt so lazy they could theoretically go to a retail store :p


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Duno bout you guys, but I prefer using Imation. Verbatim is a well-known brand that has been very reliable with CD-R/RWs, not sure what they're like with DVDs.


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I'm not necessarily saying that they're poor quality, but I've always known Imation to produce cheaper products. :s


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heh..... funny seeing this thread...... i acutally bought a pack of "cheapo" 8x DVD's from the computer show a few weeks ago..... was like..... 100 for $30 or somethin.... Turns out they're not technically generic, but seems like they're Verbatim DVD's with a layer of paint over them. lol. it's not actually paint... i don't think.

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Use disks (don't matter on the make) that use either the Taiyo-Yuden or the Ritex dyes. By far the cheapest place that I have ever found is for buying discs here in the Uk. Hopee this helps :)


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ive yoused the most generic DVD-rs and brand name ones. I have never had any issues with either of them. I prefer the generic ones actually, because they are cheaper! :)

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