best dvd player for mce

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8 Apr 2003
i know best is subjective but wmp in vista mce sucks balls and wont de interlace and it looks nasty, which player would people suggest?
it doesn't work on vista x64 ;) - i tried it, yes it works great under MCE2005 but no under vista :(

edit: seems to be doing it more so on American films, stuttering and such
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I am using TMT (Arcsoft total media theatre) and I really like it. Builds itself right in to MCE, and plays back Blu-ray and HD DVD too :) There is even a Nvidia cuda up-scaler plug-in which works really well in my opinion.
I am thinking about getting a mac mini :p
you won't go wrong with a mini :)

keep eyeing them myself so that I can get myself in to more support roles.
Anyway back on topic, :p
3Dfiend have you tried using FFdshow? you should be able to configure that to deinterlace the dvds all within MCE, I will try and find you a link when I get home tonight.
thanks - i'll be waiting :) im also wondering if its anything to do with the stuttering xvid and mkvs i had a while back when i had to change something in the nvidia control panel, think i had to move edges in, might try that again
seems to be fine under win7 so must be an issue with the built in mpeg2 codec in vista :(

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