best dvd burning software?


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Apr 25, 2002
im looking into buying a dvd burner and im curious as to what burning software i should buy along with it (im gonna get an OEM burner probably). ive looked into easy cd creator 6 but im curious if there are other better ones. anyone know of other apps?



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Jan 25, 2003
Burning, copying or both?

Burning (data etc) - I'd use (and have used) Nero 6.xx it added DVD support. I never have liked Easy CD. Unstable and less use friendly than Nero.

Copying - the standar is DVD XCOPY. It comes in 3 versiosn
- Cheap, auto copies only. Very good at it.
- Better (GOld), adds features.
- Be$t (Platimnum), adds ability to compress the video so you can get a double sided DVD onto a one sided blank.

The are also a free options for copying and or burning but it is a 2 step process.
-You use a freeware ripper (DVD Decryptor, Any DVD)and then a seperate burner like Nero. I beleive Nero has hooks that can tie it into the ripper program.
-There is also DVD Shrink which can compress the DVD files to go from 2 sided to 1 sided.
-Deepburner is a freeware burner program.

Check out the freaks at for reviews, help etc. (They do DVDs also.)

I don't recommend MSI products but this is nifty Burns CD's at double density as wellas DVD +/-RW.


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Jan 13, 2002
the best is nero, the best way to back up ur dvds is using dvdshrink with nero, it automatically burns using nero so u dont do anything all u press is backup, and dvdshrink is free!


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Mar 12, 2004
It matters what you want to do with the dvd's. If your coping movies you own to make back ups then you need two programs.

I recommend DVD Decrypter which is free of the web site search google. and also use Clone DVD.

Nero is another good one and so is alcohol 101% and DVD X Copy (but they are being sued many times over).


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Mar 12, 2004
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Aug 29, 2002
Everyone assumes this will be copying DVD's,,, well maybe so, but in my case I was looking for apps to capture, edit, and finally burn DVD made from my MiniDV video camera.

For that I found PowerDirector would handle capture and even give me limited editting facilities, but for the burn I had to swap to Nero (and it does have to be version 6). Also if you can it is a good idea with OEM drives to make sure they are in the "officially supported" list for your software and if you intend to play back on a player you need to check that is also compatible - probably just by trial and error although some, often the CHEAPER players do seen to do better.
Feb 9, 2004
I've seen a lot on Roxio hosing some systems drive letters, rearraging them or causing problems when other burning software is on a system. It doesn't do that to everybody, but I've read about it enough and seen it mentioned on tech shows and know enough people that have had those issues that it makes me stay away from it. Those I know that have no problems with it love it, still, I ain't tryin' it. I use Nero and 120%.

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Feb 16, 2004
For backing up DVD movies, I use DVDDecrypter and DVDShrink. You don't need Nero to use shrink, just need a couple files out of nero and you can use the demo version for that. I did :).

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