Best Dual Layer DVD Burners

14 Feb 2004
What is the best duel layer DVD burner that can burn duel layer dvd discs, regular dvd discs and cdrws? and can you read duel layer dvd discs in a single layer dvd drive?
I bought one of these last week Pioneer 108
I've not used it as a dual layer writer yet. My old Sony Writer died so I had to get a new one. This came highly recommended. I've been burning at 12x on bulk 4x media with out a problem.
Dual Layer Burner

I've been using the Pioneer 108 ($71.00 Newegg) and it works perfect. I've only used Ridata 2.4X DL media sofar. Matrix Revolutions burned perfect!
ZeroHour said:
Here is a good one
Cheap too
Its also avalible in black.
As for the Dual disc question, it really varies but I heard around 50% of dvd players/drives could read them but it could depend alot on the disc quality and other factors.
hope this helps

Bought one of these just a few days ago, haven't had a chance to use it yet, but will test it soon. Once I've given it a few goes I'll give a mini review if you like :)
yuppers NEC 3500, or you can get a single layer NEC dvd burner like the one themafia has and update it's firmware to be dual layer
yup NEC 3500 is the best!!!!! and NEC 2510(#'s could be mixed up) is 2nd best. very affordable too! well atleast t he dvd burner is, may not the actual double layer discs lol
nec 3500 is the best, any of the nec are the best compared to any other brand (yes even pioneer) i talk with the people who write the firmware for them and every nec that came out they top rated it
HMMmmm well I have the NEC 3500 - not to be the best, but because it was in my budget and good....

HOWEVER I have heard plextor make the best if price is no object and speed is your need.....
Dunno why everyone raves about the nec 3500 its crap compared to the pioneer 108 and the LG 4160 (which I have in black).

So there you have it. Choose between the Pioneer 108 or the LG 4160
well i purchased the plextor one, what media would you suggest? i usaly go with memorex, but i dunno if they make duel layer?

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