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Best Drum Software?

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
Political User
Does anyone know about a good drum software that lets you create entire sessions of drums (Long 10 minute sessions) and works well with samples?

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
Political User
Thanks TittleBitties, I saw the first one earlier today, but I was hoping there are some programs that have better quality (or better samples).
For a change I don't even mind paying :p


Dabba Dooba
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lol...i would help u pick a good one if i used any myself. I am like bill gates with dirtbikes when it comes to musical crap.

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
Political User
egghead said:
what programs are you using?

whats your sound card?
can you use vst plugins?
I'm using Adobe Audition for most stuff (recordig, multitracking and effects), and my sound card is **** :p but I can't efford anything better now.
As for the hammerhead prog, its cute, but I need something I can create entire sessions with, not just loops :)

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