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best downloading musc program for cable internet


Dabba Dooba
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whats the best program to download music and everything else

i had kazaa with dial up but somebody said kazaa isnt good for cable


I would have to agree with Burpster. Kazaa [Lite], WinMx, Soulseek, eDonkey, and all those other P2P are just a waste of time. You never know if what you think you're getting is actually what you will get. And to me nothing sucks more when d/ling music than wasting time d/ling the new Eminem or whatever just to get a looped mp3 or find out that it is actually The Yardbirds or something. But what sucks even more than that is downloading a 700 meg avi of, let's say the new Harry Potter just to find out it is actually How Harry Met Sally. On IRC there's thousands and thousands of sources just for mp3s and thousands more for everything else. You may still have to wait in queue, but the odds of getting what you want are way better. And IRC is very cable friendly.

As for FlashFXP, got any good pubs to share Burpster? :p


sorry bud.... no sharing of pubs allowed :)

another nice thing with IRC or FTP is you can d/l the full album alot of times .... with the older music i like many times every song on an album is decent ...but the best thing is speed as much as 500K+ which i doubt you ever see on P2P


Can some one point me to where I can learn about IRC, I did a search and came up with nothing but how to chat on IRC. Where or what do I need to download stuff using IRC? Thanks in advance.


I may actually be insane.
Here is a guide to IRC, its not an easy thing to just pick up and use.
From that same site you can get the mIRC client, which i personally despise, but it is easy to use.


You had to take me literally...:p
All I meant was, the full kazaa is a POS including it's spyware and ads.
kazaa lite is easy to use, and won't @#^&$#& up your system like most of the other P2P progs will.

FXP is simply an FTP program that probes open ports on the server to gain multiple connections. When someone with FXP tries to connect to my FTP, I get to see all the ports they're trying (which are closed thanks to my router), so there's nothing really special about it either, especially if you try using it to access an FTP that only allows one connection per IP. Then you simply get blacklisted and cut off.

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