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Best DDR Motherboard.



I should (fingers crossed) be getting a job very shortly, and with my first wage i'm hoping to get some new computer bits. I'm upgrading to a DDR motherboard and i just wondered which ones people thought were the best?


I brought a Jetway V333DA and it the best mobo i ever brought period. Its based on the KT333 chipset n/bridge, 8233s/bridge, supports DDR333/2700, AGP 4x, Fastwrites, Great o/cing abitilites, Vmem, Vcore in 0.05 increments, Adjustable FSb in 1 mhz timing, System watch Dog, PC health software (able to see BIOS from wndows (any version), ATA 133, Onboard sound (that can be turned off). And it only cost me £60 brand new boxed. The only draw back is the lack of added features. It comes with 2 USB 1.1 ports, 2 PS2 (mouse, keyboard), Com 1, Com 2, LPT1, sound ports. But then again it does have 6 PCI ports so when adding cards you shouldnt be to pushed for space.



not necessarily in that order tho:)

used all of them ...only had problems with gigabyte but it was rated highest on toms hardware...oh well good luck choosin one


Originally posted by Jz1397-4
ASUS A7V333, best one out there
Yeah my friends are under that opnion also.

That may be the one i go for.

But keep them suggestions coming!


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asus/soyo dragon/msi/abit

have all got great features... what you want basically depends on what you want to do... some have more pci slots... some have more DDR slots... some have USB 2.0 support some don't... you should be able to get RAID versions of all the above boards based on the VIA KT333 chipset...

overall all the boards pretty much have similar performance....

bear in mind that the first kt333 benchmarking tests put MSi and the soyo dragon TOP... BUT it was basically because the other boards did not have proper BIOS updates or something :)

so don't go by the older benchmarks... btw they are all within about 5% of each other in overall performance... not really noticable really...


The ASUS is your best bet . I especially like the ASUS for its extra 2 USBs and roomy interface, perfect for the GeForce4 . Plus, it's the only MB clocked up to 135 MHz, which gives you a little boost in performance ;)

- Hydryst -


F@H - Is it in you?
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oh btw mate...

CONGRATS ON GETTING THE JOB... whens the party? where's the kristal?

where oh where have the good time gone... la la la di da...



Soyo Dragon or ASUS A7V333...I have never had problems with asus, dont know bout the soyo but I have read good things.


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Originally posted by ZipTriX
I have a Soyo Dragon Ultra Platinum. I don't care what people say, but IMHO the Soyo and the Asus are on equal ground. Only main reason I went with the Soyo is because it has an onboard NIC. I have had experienced numerous accounts with NICs and thunderstorms. Well, to be simple you really can't replace a NIC at 12am where I live at. lol
correct me if i'm wrong... but if a thunderstorm will toast your pci nic... won't it toast your whole mobo now? careful, dude.


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Abit KR7A-133 is what i have and my comp was used for 9hours using all sorts of programs and i didn't slow down or anythin in that 9hours.
Very stable


Originally posted by taurus

correct me if i'm wrong... but if a thunderstorm will toast your pci nic... won't it toast your whole mobo now? careful, dude.
No no no. You read it all wrong. :p I use my onboard NIC in cases of an emergency, as such as I described.
intel - no one knows how to use their own chips better. very stable, never had a call back on any computer I've built with one.

you couldn't pay me to use another abit board, all but one that I used have gone bad.

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