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Hey everyone!
I've just upgraded my computer and was wondering what you guys thought the best setup for it would be hardware-wise. The motherboard supports RAID and i have had no experience with that at all so any suggestions/comments would be appreciated. My main concern is what configuration i should use to get the best performance out of all the IDE drives.

The new system:
Motherboard - Asus A7V8X (5.1 Channel Sound, 10/100 ethernet, AGP8x, Serial ATA, RAID, 2xFirewire, 3xDIMMs, 6xPCI, 6xUSB 2.0)
CPU - Athlon XP2100+
Video Card - Leadtek 128Mb Geforce4 Ti4200 A250 VIVO
RAM - Legend 512MB PC2700 333MHz
CD Burner - Liteon 48x40x12
HDD - Seagate Barracuda 30.6GB ATA66 7200rpm
HDD2 - Seagate Barracuda IV 80Gb ATA100 7200rpm
DVD Drive - Pioneer DVD-ROM 104 10x Slot
Case - AOpen H600A Super Midi Tower 300w

Put all three drives on separate cables as Master. The DVD can't sit on the RAID controller so I suggest you put it on IDE2 (Secondary). Put your system drive on IDE1 (Primary) and the other on IDE3 (first RAID).


hardware monkey
3 drives? i count 4. put your:

dvd as primary [ide1] master (e:)
burner as secondary [ide2] master (f:)
hdd1 as raid primary [ide3] master (this will be your system drive, c:)
hdd2 as raid secondary [ide4] master (d:)

this way each drive has it's own bandwidth and isn't slowed down by slaves. this is the exact same setup i have going.

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