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Best Combo Product


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I want the fastest speeds with dvdrom, dvdwriter, cdrw, and everything and in one...

Where can I find this? Which is the best company for this?



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I was looking at this...LG 52X CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo - GCC-4520B

does this write dvds too? Is this one any good?


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more personal preference than "what's the best". Some people may have had better luck with one brand over the others. I personally prefer Lite-On drives. I haven't had a problem with any of the 2 Lite-On DVD+/-RW's that i've had. The only problem i've noticed though with DVD+/-RW's so far though, is that i don't believe they can burn CD's at the max speed of a normal CD-RW drive can (52x... or what is it up to now? 56x?) Think the highest that both of my Lite-On's have for CD-R's is 48x....... yep... that's what it says for my newer one, which is a 16x DVD+/-RW. That's why i kept my old Asus 52x CD-RW drive in my computer too. but i'm kinda thinking about now putting my other Lite-On back in my computer.... then i could do direct DVD-to-DVD copies instead of having the stuff get cached to my hard drive.

edit: yeah, i'd like one of those SATA optical drives too...... would be nice. and Bman.... i don't believe that drive is a DVD burner. Usually they're referred to as just DVD-RW, or DVD+RW, or DVD+/-RW if they're dual format, because any DVD burner can burn cd's. the one you put can burn CD's only, and it can also PLAY dvd's, but not write to them.
i would also personaly say liteOn is a good company, we mainly cary them at work and very few RMA's with them also i have 2 of the DVD burners my self and never had any problems.


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the nec looks pretty good.....Lite-On??? never heard of that, company or type? What is that?

Does the Nec read cd's just like a normal cdrom drive? *EDIt, oops nevermind

Yes, many questions I know i know....


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hmmm sooooo which is cheaper, im in ottawa,canada, ontario u know yea lool, where could i get my hands on some of these?


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I was looking at Tigerdirect, which I found Toshiba / 16x4x16x DVD+RW / 12x4x16xDVD-RW / 5x DVD+R DL / 48x24x48x CD-RW / OEM Black DVD Burner.......so I was wondering if anybody possibly could compare that one with the NEC Black IDE DVD Burner Model ND-3520A. For what I can see there the same, but I do not know.


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I can also recommend Optorite. They are cheaper because they are an OEM company, and they make drives for Plextor and other bigger companies. Good quality, reasonable price.


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I haven't had any problems with NEC's over the past few years. I have a LiteOn on a relative's computer, albiet only a standard CD writer, and it does the job well. There's also Plextor, which I really like, but to be honest it's more of 'paying for the brand' nowadays :)
That is not a dvd burner

The label has to say:

To handle all common formats. Do not confuse DL (dual layer) dual format. Dual format just means it does +R/-R on the DVDs.

If you want to burn DVD ROM blanks that is a $pecial extra feature not commonly found.

As for brand. Lite-on is supposed to be tops but I returned one that was a POS. A friend bought the same model at the same time and his worked fine until he retired it for a faster model. I'm currently using a Maddog that does everything at top speed and it has never made a coaster on any brand blank.

I think it's pretty much whether you get a good unit or not.


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Why does how fast a dvd burner burn really matter when the slower you set it to burn the better chance you will have of getting a good copy? Just my opinion
well do you want to wait 5 minutes or 2 hours for your DVD to burn??

If you use media from the top media manufacturers (not you cheapy unbranded) then it doesnt matter what speed you burn at you will always come out with error free disks.


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I see. I have a 8X Dual layer Hp DVD burner that I have not had any problems with. i use Verbatim disks in it. have not had any coasters yet. I have burned about 50 some DVD's with this setup.

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