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Best/cheapest DVD player

I bought a display RCA DVD DRC 220 at WallyWorld today for $40.00. It retails for $79.00. Anyway It won't play any of my VCD's or recorded mp3's. The Wal-Mart "electronics expert" :eek: told me it would play VCD and MP3. It did say this in the manual. Hell for $40.00 its a bargain if I could get it to work.
Why buy DVD player??? Thats the question....

its bad investment in DVD player when the new kind of DVDs is comming up!!

Take the DVD back and before that record some mp3`s and VCD and before buying TEST it ...Do not belive the seller , he is just trying to sell old stuf!!!

That is my experiance !!!


I bought an Apex 1500 for $80.00. It plays everything, only thing is they don't make them anymore .. The Apex 1200 goes for I think $60.00 if not a little more, It plays most of what the 1500 can play ..
Hopefully the next edition of DVD's will have the option to play Xvid and Dvid. I know they are out there for $300+ I would like to see a physical module you could plug into the DVD that would be able to do this. I did exchange the DRC220 and bought a DRCC212 and I can now play VCD's and Mp3 with no problem. No go on the Xvid. Maybe its just coded at such a high compression.

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