Best Car Donation Charity?

Perris Calderon

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gonna give away my 86 mercedes, someone have a favorite charity?

this is not a fixer up er, though the body and drive train are perfect there are so many little things that need replacing before the car can be driven that it costs more to fix even in parts then the car is worth

so, who has some inout which charity for me to give this thing to...of course I would like a tax credit to go with it so it has to be an official charity


Just Floating Along
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doesn't really matter in the long run. Some charities will just sell it off to the junk yard anyway..

some charities will fix up the car and gift them to needy families.. mainly churches where fixing the car serves two purposes.. fixing the car will provide job training for people needing a job, and once fixed up, the car gets used by families in need (usually only found at large churches).

Any legitimate charity will allow you a tax deduction.