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I have to use a different browser as my IE refues to visit any webpage and i am currently using NeoPlanet anbody ever used it as i have just come accross it???...if its bad recommend me some browseers please..:) :) :)
I am using Opera (version 6) at the moment and even though some pages don't work or don't show as they were intended to look like (but it's really only some few pages!!!) I love the speed of that browser.
Other huge advantages are the mouse gestures and the feature not to load the pictures of a certain website.

Be sure to check it out!!!


i have opera, but do you have the java installed version because that takes so long to download.
Originally posted by Serpentuk
i have opera, but do you have the java installed version because that takes so long to download.
Yep I have the java version of course. But I have cable modem connection... no problem with downloading it :)
Opera all the way baby....gotta luv any browser that has the ability to "refuse" pop ups.

isn't neoplanet just a skinning interface for IE?


Oerficus if a page doesn't look right or fails to load correctly just click File -> Quick preferences -> Identify as MSIE 5.0. now it will tell pages that it is IE. and all will be good :cool:


Used IE, Netscape 4.x & 6.x, Opera, Neoplanet (Yea, it's just a skin), and Mosaic. It's like Fords versus Chevys. One just feels better, thats the one you drive.

I'm currently driving Mozilla 1.0 RC2, love the no popups, but can no longer download anything from, their redirect scripts do funny things. But thats no big loss.


I've never had a problem with IE.
I suppose if you have a real hate on for Microsoft you
can try something else but I've tried all the other ones
and IE is still the fastest loading browser and it displays all
the pages correctly.

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