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Best Brand PSU


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I wanted to know what you would say is a nice best branded PSU.
I was trying to think on my times here, but I must have some Brain reflux or something. I was thinking it was Enermax (spell error?) and Thermaltake. What about those and/or Cooler Masters?


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There are a lot of great psu brands...PC Power & Cooling (which was bought by OCZ) Tagan, OCZ, Antec, Enermax, Corsair, and a few others make great PSUs and the few you mentioned as well.
From the reviews I read when deciding for my own, Hiper came out pretty well and they're reasonably priced too. My system hasn't had a single glitch since assembly.


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SilverStone or Ultra are the PSU's I have had the chance to deal with over my years of PC building. Never had a problem with Thermaltake or Antec but can't trust them on my own all-day on systems which is where SilverStone & Ultra come in. Just my two cents....


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OCZ/PC P & C are probably the best by reputation.

Antec is a good brand, is there a reason you don't like them Lord? Bad experience?
With the exception of Antec

I've owned three Antec supplies, two went out on me. One literally poured out a heavy, metal-laced smoke out onto the floor and freaked me out bad. I almost never dis brands, because a company can totally turn itself around from one product cycle to the next. Antec, however, is a company that has produced bad experiences for me fairly consistently.

There are many, MANY quality brands out there. Check the newegg reviews for good advice, too.


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I had 1 Antec die on me, after 3 years of use and multiple power surges in Florida :cool:

Other than that, I thought they had a decent rep, apparently not lol :cool:


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PC Power & Cooling is hands down the best, although you will pay for it.

I have been using Enermax myself for last five years or so in all the systems I have built, never had a problem. I have had the same Enermax PSU in my server running 24/7 for the last three years. Not bad for a sub $100 dollar consumer PSU.


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Thanks, sorry I didn't get back to this sooner but I was on vacation and just got back. Well to me, I feel it will be on at least 16 hours a day... might be 24/7 when I move to another place.

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