best bond villain

I nominate odd job in teh gold finger episode
Yeah, him or Jaws.

EDIT: I change my mind.
OddJob it is.
He's funny when he throws the hat.:)

And Knick Knack, hes funny as well :)
I've never watched a James Bond film all the way through but I know a fella who was in one. I think it involved being a bad guy on a cruise ship or something? I'll nominate him whatever he was in :laugh:
I think Evil Marge was the best villain
Was and Is
Dr No.

That book was the first bond book I ever read :)

And his character just had so many layers.
Scaramanga was always a badass, anyone who hides a deadly dwarf called Knick Knack in a suitcase on a plane has real issues.

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