Best Bit Torrent Client

I have used uTorrent since it first came out, didn't really want too because I loved Azurus (however it's spelt) but I love trying new things, so I tryed it. I'v been using it ever since. 1.5 is a nice upgrade to the program.
kcnychief said:
It's the only version I've used so I can't compare, but I love it :D
1.5 is just more refined, I think they implemented a lot of suggestions! I like the ESC = minimize to tray. Just in case, you know. :)

Rather mature for a sub-1mb program! edit: i guess i should mention its only 150kb!
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yeah..... don't think you can beat uTorrent anymore. i too used to use Azureus. think i've been using uTorrent now since maybe..... version 1.2 or somethin... it's freakin great.

and yeah.... lots less resources... and seems to be much better download speeds than i really ever got with Azureus or ABC or any of that.

Sazar: yes..... yes you should try uTorrent. you won't be disappointed.

edit: oh.... and as for the "other thread like this" part..... i believe there was, but think it was before the little rollback that took place quite a while ago.
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It's very fast from what I've seen, and I agree I think the "other thread" went bye-bye :rolleyes:
i am just downloading my first ever torrent. is it illegal?
its hard to get into that, i'll leave it as yes, depends.
let's put it this way...... at this point, according to the RIAA/MPAA..... pretty much downloading anything that has video or audio is illegal. lol.

you have to admit it's sad that the RIAA is now targeting YouTube and forcing them to remove some/most music video's from the site.
I heard something the other day.. that youtube plans on releasing every single music video ever made, for free by next summer.
well..... that's what they intend to do. first they gotta find some way of getting the RIAA off their arse.
The best way to get rid of the RIAA is to take a B52 bomber and drop a present on their headquarters ..
Not even. Just have a few of the people that work there be downloading music on company time and without owning the music. Oooh that would ruin their day right quick.
I been using the scheduler feature on Utorrent, I find that I like that the best :) It also has a built in torrent tracker ...
yeah. the scheduler is one awesome feature. limit upload speeds during your usual computing hours so lack of bandwidth doesn't bring your browsing to a halt..... and have it automatically run full blast during hours when the computer isn't being used.

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