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8 Apr 2005
I did a search and didn't find anything relevant, although I could have sworn there was a thread like this before.

What do you guys use for Bittorrent clients? I am using ABC currently and it's pretty sweet, but wanted to see what else the OSNN community used and adored. What makes the application you use better than others in your opinion?
utorrent. The end.

Virtually no memory use. Plus it has all the features every other client has. It won't disappoint.

Uninstall ABC ;)
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Have been using Azureus for well over a year now... There was a bit of a problem in the past with one updated version and having deleterious effects on CPU useage and the like. But that incident got straightened out a few versions ago...

The version in question, don't remember if it was 3.0.5 or somewhere around there, I ended up downgrading, and skipping that gen, till they got the bug squared away...
The new azureus build is very streamlined and feature-rich.
I vote µTorrent. Now if someone can just tell me do you pronounce the µ? I think that would make it nanotorrent. But I could be wrong.
Utorrent Hands Down... End Of Story!!!

Also, the "µ" is pronounced "mew" i believe BouncingSoul.
ABEC[LU] is right. It's pronounced "mew."

It's the symbol for a micron, so you could call the app "mew-torrent" or "micro-torrent." I'm not sure how the developer intended for it to be pronounced, but I've always called it mew-torrent. :)
utorrent. The latest beta has a nice organiser list on the left so you can see only downloading or only seeding torrents too.
Wow, not a single mention of BitLord ! I've been using it for almost a year and so far have had no problem. It allows resume and has a lot of great stuff including a built in search engine. There is my vote :)
uTorrent is what will make azureus extint. I does all the same stuff as azureus, without the bloat and resource hogging ...

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