best athlon 64 mobo?


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13 Jan 2002
whats the best athlon 64 motherboard because of performance features etc. money is not an issue
since money doesnt seem like an issue, i think hes talking about the FX series.. which is the fastest AMD64 processor right?
FX is good but uses registered memory...

socket 939 will be dual channel adn use unbuffered memory...

currently my cpu performs as fast as or faster than the FX in most every benchmark... dual channel helps the FX in some areas (mainly synthetic memory bandwidth tests) but the unbuffered memory (and therefore lower timings) help my processor more...

best non FX boards are the k8t800 boards... the nf3 250 will be decent too if they fix the problems with the current ones...

for the FX pretty much any via chipset board will be good enough...
I'd wait a few more months before buying into an Athlon 64 system. The second generation MB's due out this spring should have any bugs ironed out.
yeah what sazar said is true i saw some benchmarks and alot of the times the 3400+ raped the fx i say raped cuz the fx is supposed to be better. can u explain the whole memory thing plz, like whats is dual channel isnt that ddr 400? and whats unbuffered.
btw i wanted to know if when u put windows xp 64 bit, can it run 32 bit applications? or will they be runing slowly or somthing i heard it has to emulate 32 bit?
ok i fgred it out, but isnt there one for the 3400+ that is dual channel?
dual channel basically provides more memory bandwidth... in memory intensive situations this improves the overall amount of data that can be processed and reduces swap times effectively... end result can be an increase in speed :)

the athlon64 cpu's boards are single channel but in most situations you are not going to notice the difference...

there will be a socket 939 soon (april I think) that is dual channel/unbuffered and should probably also have pci-Ex...

the a64 cpus are x86-64... ergo they are effectively 32bit cpu's with 64bit extensions so they can run 32bit applications perfectly fine and in fact do so @ a greater speed than current x86 cpu's...

in 64 bit environment using 64bit extensions in some situations where there is no need for 64bit data chunks there may be a performance penalty in some situations but in general you are looking @ the same or increased performance in the neighborhood of around 5-30% or more performance improvement (I am going by inhouse numbers from people producing 64bit apps using amd's extensions)

p.s. mafia :D the edit button is your friend
Sazar said:
p.s. mafia :D the edit button is your friend

and so are the number of my posts LOL!!!!!

thanks for the info well ill see what i will do cuz its such a hard situation i wanna buy a cpu cuz i fried mine and then ill wanna upgrade to 64. arghh its annoying, btw what happens if i put windows xp 32 bit on the 64? will i see no difference in performance or will it run slower or will it not even install.
there will be no difference in raw performance per se... win xp64 should be faster in some areas... and perhaps slower in others... depends on the chunks of data and how optimized drivers and programs are...

winxp 32bit will run faster on the a64 cpu's than any other current cpu :)

on-die memory controller kicks total ass..
I should get a 3400+ fairly soon will be looking to get the same mobo as sazar, as that is what ebuyer recommends :p

Will prob get a gig of kingston memory tho.
consider waiting for the dual channel version if you can EP :)

specially seeing you have an excellent system already...

perhaps another month or two and you'll be good to go :)
sazar is that what ure doing? running win32 on ure 64? and if u r about how much faster than a 2200+ do u think that is?
themafia_69 said:
sazar is that what ure doing? running win32 on ure 64? and if u r about how much faster than a 2200+ do u think that is?

remember people... athlon64 supports 64bit extensions :)

it is by no stretch of the imagination a true fully integrated 64bit processor.. go with an itanium if thats what you are looking for :D

its still an x-86 processor... with 64 bit extension... hence x86-64...

anyways... this cpu is probably 2x at least the performance of my 1900+ therefore it is about 2x performance of a 2200+...

but thats just me :D
hello all,

i know about waiting before u should go and get ur new system but id just thought id say if u start waiting u might as well not get it as the companies never really tell you when a new revision of a mobo comes out and anyway by the time u get all ur parts home there will be something more fancier out there soo you might as well buy the one you want and be done with it :) well thats just my 2cents worth anyway :p

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