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Best Anti-Spam App?


I may actually be insane.
What app is everyone using to kill spam?
I used to use mail-washer when it was free, but now that it's not I wanted to know what everyone else is using...
I dont get any SPAM at all so cant say ive ever used one.

MailWasher is the most popular still, despite not being free its still worth it is you have big spam problems.

Checkout some of the products on:




Sites that may help:


You could of course use the spam filters in your mail client, once setup well ive found the Outlook filters to work well. Alot of add ons to Outlook are around that i hear i good. Of couse if you dont use a MS mail client this does not help :)

Outside of built in features to mail clients it all seems to be shareware now.


My "junk" email is my hotmail account that I use to fill out form on the Internet, ect. For that, I just use the filters that are available through the hotmail website. My email accounts I have through my ISP are generally spam free because I don't give them out to people I don't trust.
I use McAfee Spam Killer. It's a stand alone app that can be used with most email applications. It has reduced my daily ration of spam from 35 SPD (spams per day) down to 2 SPD. It has an accuracy of about 85-95% and gets better when you add your own filters, which is very easy. Highly recommended.


I've been using popfile for the last few weeks, open source baysien filter type thing, after training it for about a week its now IDing about 98% of my spam, Im very happy with it indeed :)


I may actually be insane.
The free version is crippleware, and there's no harm in trying out the alternatives is there ;)

Thanks for all the suggestions, they've all been noted :happy:

Gus K

NTFS abuser
Been using it for a while, it is not crippleware.

From their site:

It’s free. That’s right, you can keep on using this program and it won’t expire. You are offered the chance to register MailWasher and pay a price you think it is worth. Think of this payment as a tip - so please contribute something. This payment will help with the continued development of MailWasher and allow me to make a living. This payment can be as low as $3 or as high as you wish. If you find MailWasher useful and continue to use it, please register. As an incentive, our own advert on the software will be removed, you will receive a guide on getting the most out of MailWasher and combating spam, and a contribution of at least $20 will allow you to access our support desk.


I may actually be insane.
Where does it say that?
All I saw was this :
MailWasher Free
Mailwasher free (2.0.40) has just been released. Contains several small bug fixes, but is limited to one e-mail account and does not include Hotmail support

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