Best All In Wonder card?

Gary Pandher

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9 Mar 2004
What would you say is the best all in wonder card?
would it be better to get a TV wonder pro and a Video Card seperately?
it depends...

a separate card means you don't need to change the whole thing out when you upgrade... you can keep your tuner...

alternatively there are some really good all in one packages out there (such as the high end AIW's from ATi)
thing is..the new nvidia cards are coming out right?..
buh right now..i have on board video...
so jus wondering if i do get a tv wonder card will the picture quality be bad cuz its onboard video..(mobo in sig)
the new ati and NV tuner's are going to have HDTV capabilites... the NV40 has builtin capabilites though I am unsure what requirements will be needed by the add-on card...

the picture quality depends to a large extent on the tuner... my old hauppage does not hold a candle to the filtering ability of my current AIW...
aiw 9700 much does it cost around?

*checking some sites out while i posted this ..wanna find it cheap :D

welll future shop dun got it...
they got
ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 9600 Pro AGP 128MB DDR 3D/TV Tuner for $399..cdn price..
would you think there's a really big difference in the 9600 and the 9700?

im starting to think maybe i should buy a ati tv wonder pro for now and then get a seperate video card later?
If I had the chance to do it over again, that's exactly what I'd do, buy the tuner and video card seperatly, so you can keep upgrading your Video Card, but keep your tuner.
was just thinking would it not be better to just have a tv card for now..cuz in the long run will a 128mb card do it for gaming? (ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB DDR ~ $465 CDN)

Goatman what is it that u got?..ur sig aint showin up for me for some reason :confused:

sry for the late reply came back from work this morning n went to sleep, workin 2nite again
I like ATI, and I heard a few bad thing about there stand alone tv tuners, but praises to the All in Wonders. Besides I used to have an AIW (PCI, 8MB, Win98). I miss it.
IF you just want to watch TV on the PC then the winfast cards are cheap and work fine. I bought an all in wonder years ago and it's useless now becasue i've upgarded vid cards 3 times since then. if i'd bought a stand alone (which I did this winter) i'd still be using it. If you want to record high resolution video none of the cards I've seen (all-in-wonder, avermedia, winfast) cut it.

Don't get a 9600 pro now go with a 9700 pro or 9800 pro. The 9600 pro barely cuts it for last years games and will be challenged by the new stuff.

As for 128 meg memory on the card. It's plenty unless you do 3d modeling or graphics work. The next generation games may or may not need the extra texture memory. I haven't heard anything definite yet.

Oh and if you decide on an all in wonder wait another month or so. New model cards are coming out so the old card prices should drop some.
price drop :D i love those think i'll b waiting a while now..maybe even get the newer cards if there is a better price/performance...thanks everyone for your help..hopefully the newer cards are out in a month..that would be very nice
I have the Ati Radeon 9800 Pro All In Wonder, and I love it, I would never watch TV on my PC unless it's through one of these. Quality is nice, and it's great to be able to use the remote, as well as turning the PC into a recorder. It will go nicely into my HTPC when I move it down the line.
:( u knw what guyz
i cant wait the month :p this onboard video is ****
lol imma b out gettin that all in wonder 9800 pro pretty sooooon :D (is there an xt version?)
cant wait to test it out haha

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