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24 Jan 2002
I've been working as hard as possisble to get a pop up, or pop under....this add blocker is flawless so far...ya gotta try it

add shield
hmm, to control those nasty popups i use Zero Popups, it's very nice..just do a google search for zero popups and u should find it..on my way to try that little program that u've mentioned :)
Nice :)

I've tried various proggies to eliminate unwanted ads and I most say this little gem is the most unintrusive behind the scene utility I've ever had the pleasure of using!

Alot of th eother proggies either must run in the systray or they take over your browser to the point of causing errors.

I'm using it on top of the tweaked host file.

Thanks for the heads up!!!

Rock On!!!:cool:

adshield is unbelievable, I've been going everywhere to try to get a pop up or under (you know, porn sites...just to test ya know), and this thing is perfect...I went to pop up testing sites, this passed every test posted,...ya gotta get this
The new zone alarm

The new zone alarm has a great ad blocker included very cool and works great not only stops popup/under's but also if you set it to high it removes all banners :D
I attempted to download and install it twice, but I keep
getting a goofy error:

Please reinstall the following module to your system32 directory:

The file is in my System32 directory.

Does anyone know why I'm getting this error, or why AdShield
would be looking for a 16 bit driver?

I hope someone can help you with that error, because this programkeeps getting better.

It's not only the best blocker yet, it's got features that are incredible!

Here're a couple...first, it doesn't stop the add from loading, it prevents the add from wanting to load, then it shrinks the area that was going to be the add to 0 , and so increases your screen area!

Next, if an add ever does get through, just drag it into the tool bar, and any add even associated with it is blocked

Here's the best feature; when enabled, this program will start caching likely links whenever your modem is otherwise idle, YOU GET CACHE LOADING OF PAGES YOU'VE NEVER EVEN VISITED BEFORE!!!!.....YOU GOTTAGOTTAGOATTA TRY THIS PROGRAM!
Originally posted by dealer
adshield is unbelievable, I've been going everywhere to try to get a pop up or under (you know, porn sites...just to test ya know), and this thing is perfect...I went to pop up testing sites, this passed every test posted,...ya gotta get this

So where do I find a pop up testing site? I tried a google search and didnt come up with anything.

Just installed ad-shield And I have to admit the program is excellent. Good options, works great, and the readme file is very easy to follow. Everyone should be running this little gem.
Block list

No, if you download it and go through the read-me file if explains everything. You really can't go wrong with this program.
Does anyone know if it works with Opera? The site said it requires IE *sigh*
it's integrated into ie, opera no good, as far as creating your list, it's already pretty substantial but here's an example...I belong to a board where gator floats around on top...I dragged this over to the tool bar, and not only lis the add gone, and not only do I reclaim that bandwith, but the add area is now available to the page...other blockers don't do's the best example of this program; I was on a sight forfinally awhile, and when I decided to download their product, a 3mb file took less then a second to download!...while I was reading, the program was caching the download!!!
Gotta try this one, but I like meaya (popup filter) it also does it job and I can honestly say that not one time since I have been using it have I had one popup.
I haven't tried adshield but I have to say that 'PopupKiller' is going to be hard to beat. I have been using it awhile now and it works just great.

Has anyone here that is raving on adshield actually tried PopupKiller yet?

There would sure have to be a valid reason for me to switch.

Like Adshield would sure have to do something more than what PopupKiller is already doing and right off hand I just don't know what that could be.

Anyone who has used both, please post experiences.

great little program easy to use very good and dont use any resources worth crying about, ad sheild I just started using I like it also it is very good guess its a matter of taste choice but both seem great and again I like the new zone alarm it also does a bangup!! job :cool:
for some reason after i downloaded adshiled, java applets no longer work for me. I checked my internet settings and made sure taht I allow java applets to launch and work. But for some reason, they still don't. After I uninstalled adshiled, my java applets still don't work. I'm pretty sure that adshield did this since I was able to load up java applets before I installed the program. It did a great job blocking ads, but I can't figure out how to get java applets working again. Anyone have any ideas as to how I can get them to work with adshield installed or uninstalled?

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